DevExpress ExpressVerticalGrid Suite v3.33

The ExpressVerticalGrid can be thought of as an inverted grid control - allowing you to display individual rows from a dataset or to display multiple dataset rows within the container. It will help you become more productive and your applications more flexible by giving you the ability to create function rich data entry forms that are fully customizable without writing a single line of code.

* Display Data Hierarchically - With the ExpressVerticalGrid, you can display and categorize your information using unlimited nesting. (Screenshot)
* Multiple Columns support - ExpressVerticalGrid allows to display multiple datasource rows within the containter.
* Multiple Data Modes - The ExpressVerticalGrid Suite allows you to bind data from a traditional data source (TcxDBVerticalGrid); from non-database sources (TcxVerticalGrid); and from custom data structures (TcxVirtualVerticalGrid).
* Blazing Fast Data Loading - The ExpressVerticalGrid uses ExpressDataController library first introduced in the ExpressQuantumGrid 4 giving you blazing fast data loading speeds.
* Data Filtering - Support data filtering via DataController or ExpressFilterControl component. (Screenshot)
* External Navigator Control Support - VerticalGrid fully supports ExpressControlNavigator. (Screenshot)
* Background Image Support - Do you need to display a background image within your list? If so, it's a piece of cake with the ExpressVerticalGrid Suite. (Screenshot)
* BDE Independence - You can use any TDataSet descendant to bind data to the DBVerticalGrid.
* Runtime Row Customization and Data Organization - With the ExpressVerticalGrid, your end-user can control the appearance of the control as their business needs dictate by adding and removing rows using simple drag and drop. They can even create new data categories on the fly and organize information with ease. (Screenshot)
* Incremental Auto-Search for Each VerticalGrid Column - Your users can instantly locate any information displayed within individual VerticalGrid rows.
* Full MS Intellimouse Support
* Full Drag & Drop Support
* Flicker Free Painting
* Full Custom Draw Events - Available for background, headers, cells. (Screenshot)
* Row Resizing - The ExpressVerticalGrid Suite allows you and your users to resize row height with ease, both at design and runtime.
* Auto Bands - An entirely new way to present large number of rows on screen. With Auto Bands, you can maximize the use of screen real-estate and minimize the amount of vertical scrolling users perform.
* Built-in XP Theme Support - With the ExpressVerticalGrid Suite, you can quickly enable XP Themes within your application. (Screenshot)
* Advanced Style Controller - Styles control the display of the visual elements which make up the VerticalGrid (headers, categories, data cell, etc). By using our unique style sheet technology, you can easily manage the style associated with each control element. In fact, by using our Styles repository, you can control the appearance of all grids and editors within your application from a centralized location without any hassles! (Screenshot)
* Easy to Use Design Time Interface - The ExpressVerticalGrid Suite provides advanced design time features that allow you to control virtually every aspect of the control without having to write a single line of code so you can focus on application logic and not have to fuss with grid setup.
* Save view layout to Registry, INI Files, and Stream - With just a couple property settings, all runtime modifications made by end-users are automatically stored and retrieved each time a user executes your application.
* Export to XML, MS Excel®, HTML, Text - You will need to write just one line of code to export VerticalGrid into XML, MS Excel®, HTML or Text formats (Screenshot)
* Over 40 Powerful and Innovative Data Editors - Over 40 Powerful and Innovative Data Editors, available as standalone and Inplace Cell variants. (Screenshot)
* Multiple Editor Types for Each Record - Flexibility is at the heart of the VerticalGrid Suite. Via our Multi-Editor support, you can display multiple editors for the same row with ease. (Screenshot)
* Advanced Mask Support - ExpressVerticalGrid Suite introduces full regular expression support.
* Printing Support via the ExpressPrinting System
* Localization Support - ExpressVerticalGrid includes advanced localization support, allowing you to modify resource strings at runtime via a simple procedure call.



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